Coronation coins - Gold and SilverJonathan Olliffe specialises in creating high quality and unique products for a range of clients. His commitment to craftsmanship always remains the same as he seeks to create visually exciting products for home interiors, organisations and private collections.

His work as a coin designer is a fundamental part of his craft and his background as a silversmith is crucial to ensure that each unique design is accurately conveyed from a drawing through to a highly detailed and finished product.

The Royal Mint, who is renowned world wide as leaders in coin and medal production, is a company who Jonathan works closely with. The Royal Mint pride themselves in producing beautifully crafted coins, military medals and limited edition commemorative coins of the highest quality. Beyond the United Kingdom the Royal Mint supplies nearly 100 issuing authorities across the world and is the leading export mint, with around 15 per cent of the worldwide market. For Jonathan it is a privilege and honour to work with a company who have such a long tradition of craftsmanship, heritage and artistry, designing coins that form part of collections worldwide and marking events that will forever be part of history.

Silver pod formThe unique and specialised craft of coin design has naturally lead Jonathan to explore and use his skills in other related art forms. The traditional craft of relief sculpture is an area of the crafts that Jonathan is very passionate about, resulting in hand crafted medals and wall panels, sculpted in plaster and cast in metal before being carefully treated in a range of beautiful fine metal finishes.

Although his sole focus remains within the coin design industry, Jonathan also produces work which covers many other areas, including illustration, fine art, sculpture and metal craft.